Winter will never be the same.

Because here is the system that changes the way of heating the cabin with the engine off. Up to now, synonym of running engine, noise and fuel petrol consumption. From now on, turn off the engine, turn on the new independent air heater and enjoy a pleasant temperature, in a very noiseless way and, above all, economical. Now the technology that 95% of the European trucks use is available here.

Manufactured in Germany by Eberspächer.
This company has manufactured heaters since 1948. Its systems equip 100% of MAN, SCANIA, IVECO and DAF trucks, 50% of Mercedes Benz ones and 15% of VOLVO and RENAULT ones.

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Airtronic has a fuel pump that conveys diesel to the combustion space of the air heater. The burning fuel warms the heat exchanger and a fan recirculates the room air heated in the exchanger. The combustion gases are totally expelled to the exterior.



  • It works with the engine off.
  • Quick warming of the cabin.
  • Silent running.
  • Pre-selection and progressive regulation of temperature.
  • Easy installation in the cabin.
  • Minimum fuel consumption (between 0.10 and 0.25 litres per hour).