Here comes the service which will allow you to optimize the logistic control and management as well as the operating costs of your fleet. Up to now, the main use of satellite and communication technology has been the vehicle track and trace.

In Colven, however, we deal with the problem from a different view: to help you improve integrated profitability in your operations. What we have been doing for over 30 years with our systems VIGIA of engine and tyre pressure protection now is boosted through the access to remote information of your vehicles.



  • Know the location, speed, direction, kilometers covered and stops made.
  • Receive alerts in case of speeding
  • Plan the most convenient route and assist your driver to reach the destination.
  • Receive the data of the VIGIA Tyre Pressure System (puncture and equipment annulment) and VIGIA Engine Protection (engine temperature, oil pressure, equipment disconnections, equipment annulment).
  • Limit a determined area: if the vehicle leaves or enters it, GESTYA will send you an immediate message.
  • Have 3 free signals (to add new sensors).
  • Use it in fleets of trucks, buses, utility vehicles, cars and stationary engines.


  • The most complete and professional web of installation and technical service all over Argentina.
  • Information privacy guaranteed by the company’s renowned performance during more than three decades in the country and in 25 countries of 3 continents.
  • Rely on an exclusive control systems: VIGIA Engine Protection and VIGIA Tyre Pressure System.
  • Total data control.
  • The only system that provides all its users with full software and constant updates, all free of charge.
  • Really convenient monthly payment.
  • Access to permanent development of management solutions.