VIGIA 343 Calibrator



The VIGIA Calibrator ensures the tyre control, thus providing: more safety, fuel saving, tyre saving and, above all, more competitiveness. The VIGIA NM 343 model means a great advance in your cost control to improve competitiveness. It provides more accuracy than any other product in the market due to its high precision electronic sensors. Besides, it has a more compact innovative design easy to read.

NEW CONTROL PANEL Small dimensions. Renovated aesthetic. 

More advantages

  • High precision electronic sensors.
  • Various installation formats (movable bracket, DIN format of stereo, etc).
  • LCD display.
  • Possibility of connection to various inflating modules network, thus controlling different pressures.
  • Greater inflating power.
  • No compressed air hoses in the cabin.
  • The panel provides greater precision in the digital pressure indicator.
  • Display of the pressure in individual or sequential form.
  • Totally sealed weatherproof module, so as not to invade cabin space.
  • GESTYA compatible.