Constrainer of Speed and Automatic Control of Doors.

The equipment LIMITE prevents that the vehicle the one that is installed overcomes the 60 km/h or the 90 km/h, as be selected. In addition, it possesses a safety system for the operation of doors: it prevents that the vehicle overcomes the 5 km/h of march if they are opened and also it prevents that they are opened when the vehicle circulates to speeds superior to the 5 km/h.



Speed constrainer
The driver, by means of the key of commutation, will choose between(among) arranging that the vehicle is limited in his speed of march to 60 km/h, or to 90 km/h.


Once defined the speed limit of operation, the equipment(team) acts controlling the march of the vehicle from a sensor that reads the speed. When these signs come to the frequency programmed as limit, there is activated a pneumatic electroválvula that liberates air to pressure towards a pneumatic cylinder installed in the system of acceleration that prevents the driver from overcoming this speed.

If the speed limit selected is of 90 km/h, on the key of commutation having gesticulated there will be ignited the light corresponding indicators.

Safety system for the operation of doors
From the signs received of the electronic sensor of speed, the electronic module of command activates the electroválvulas of blockade of the pneumatic cylinders that drive the doors, preventing his opening. If the vehicle diminishes his speed to less than 5 km/h, automatically the system is deactivated, being able the driver, by means of the key of command of doors, open and close freely the same ones.