A new version of the original engine protector has been born. Its design is more compact and occupies less space on the dashboard.

A simpler presentation of the information. A self-testing function added

  • New design, easy identification of signals.
  • Protection against high temperature and low oil pressure.
  • Detection of high or low voltage in the electric system of the unit.
  • Permanent protection. Its highly precise sensors have a long life-span, however intense its use.
  • 65% smaller.
  • New panel with 4 indicators.
  • New self-testing function.

How does it work?


When the engine temperature rises to critic levels or the oil pressure drops to harmful levels, the VIGIA system sensors send a signal via an electric installation.


At the same time, it automatically stops the engine or sends an audio signal. In this way, it avoids ruining the engine and the consequent repair costs.