VIGIA Internal System

The same tranquility on having handled, now also on having loaded and to come out.


The gauge of tire WATCHTOWER is synonymous of tranquility and safety in the route. Nevertheless, appellant existed up to today a problem in the connected ones that must be loaded for the wings: The exhibition of the air descents to possible hurts(damages) and breaks. COLVEN presents a definitive solution: In the new internal gauge, which leads the air of the tires across a special pipeline that goes for the interior of the axis(axle). Without external falls. 100 invulnerable %. And so reliable as always.


The gauge WATCHTOWER supports in constant and automatic form the pressure determined in cold of the tires, according to the parameters recommended by the manufacturers. Before any decrease in the pressure (*), even in case of puncture, WATCHTOWER warns the driver and activates in automatic form the process of calibrated, allowing him(her) to follow(continue) trip hastallegar to destination(destiny)