With VIESA Agro in the interior, the heat and the powder they stay out.

At the moment of sowing or to harvest, the climate of work is fundamental for a precise and efficient operation.

The new VIESA Agro is specially designed and testeado to face the hard conditions of work of the agricultural machinery, anyone is the area or the epoch of the year.

The exclusive system of water evaporation and the effective filter against the land and the powder of cereal, they allow they to be kept working in conditions of high exigency, with a low level of maintenance.

Install a VIESA Agro. The investment is going to give good results more. And they´re people also.



Minor investment for an ideal result. Power of the engine does not use, only an electrical water pump. It works with minimal maintenance.


Proven and simple system of evaporation. Water uses only.
Exclusive special Filter against the land and the powder of the cereal.


The leading brand in sales in the European Community. Supplier exclusivode climatizadores for trucks VOLVO in Europe.

Made under system procedure of management of ISO quality 9001:2000.

Only it has to clean the filter, whereas the whole system is protected and is kept clean. The exclusive system of tray anti-spills the water revenue prevents inside the cabin.