The mysticism of invention.

A mechanic from Detroit takes hours away from his rest in order to create the future first production car in his workshop.

In their parents’ garage, in a Californian town, a young programmer and his friend conceive the computer that will change the history.

A blacksmith’s son, in a borrowed workshop, creates in the middle of the Argentinian pampa, one of the first combine harvesters.

There are special companies in the world. Those that have been born to imagine and develop an entirely new solution: that type of products which are worthy of being called just inventions. For these companies, the search for innovation is not a requirement in order to achieve goals. It is a magic which travels the whole length of their histories, inspires their managers and fills their employees with pride.
And that creation, far from being just a memorable hint, turns into a mighty reference point towards the future. It is present in each decision, in the shape of a dream still in force: creating ideas as significant as the original invention.

September 1972 Rafael Antonio Colussi and Nestor Vénica carried out the test of the first automatic engine protector. They called it VIGIA. After two years of experimentation, they achieved the ambitious aim that kept them awake as mechanics. How to avoid engines from seizing up due to excess of temperature or low oil pressure?