Quality, a personal pride.


The development of really innovative solutions is a premise which goes together with another one of our company’s basic passions: production quality. Being aware that competing in a world where technological ideas can be imitated within a short time, the search for an exceptional quality level has always been the way to keep our products leadership. Having our own industrial plant in the same town where the company was born and developed is a determining factor of high-level personal commitment of every one of our workers. That is why, every model delivered has a quality above what ISO 9001 certification can prove and it also allows us to count with the approval of the European community standards (CEE) and homologations (CE).

Quality under Test.
Due to its predominant place in professional markets, the ordinary use of our products always guarantees high performance. In the transportation of loads as well as passengers, in the industry as well as in the construction and the agribusiness, each COLVEN equipment daily faces the rigor of long distances and working hours, less than ideal roads, sometimes high temperatures and even the effect of dust and soot. It is then when the design quality, the components and the manufacturing process of each product is tested. It is the moment of truth.

Quality that competes.
Since 2003 our VIGIA Engine Protectors have been installed in some of the most important Argentinian car racing categories and are recommended by owners and trainers of motor-racing teams. Our VIESA ecological cooler has been pioneer in the European market and has kept its leadership in sales as well as in quality. This is clearly shown by VOLVO who, after analyzing different options, selected VIESA among the accessories recommended to be installed in their 0 km trucks.